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Pinvestigate is a platform that seeks to implement a culture of transparency by providing visitors with easy access to the latest updates about corruption cases. In fact, whenever an issue that involves a violation of law arises, administrative and judicial investigations sometimes follow. In some extreme cases, even parliamentary investigative committees are formed; however, citizens are usually kept oblivious about the development of these cases. For this reason, Pinvestigate aspires to facilitate people’s access to information allowing them to have a transparent view of the official investigation reports that cover miscellaneous corruption cases.

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The toolkit is a technological toolbox that allows citizens to express their needs, requests and concerns to local authorities. 24 CSO is using our Toolkit. It Contains 3 platforms: Vote-it, Investment Tracker and crowdmap.

41 CSO, has an account and using our Meter to track the promises of their Municipalities.Meters.tn is a platform that updates visitors about the performance of the city council in relation to its fullfilment of its promises during the electoral mandate.

I-Techrity provided websites for 360 Municipality in 24 governorate. In accordance with the access to information law,the website will enable citizens to be informed about the projects, the meetings and the decesions made by their municipalities.

Develop a website and mobile application for tracking national elections on atide.tn. Get real-time updates on candidates, polling stations, and results, fostering transparency and citizen participation.

We developed this platform at IDRAK, the Institute for Development Research, Analysis, and Governance Knowledge, a Tunisian Think Tank stemming from the initiative of the I WATCH Organization


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I-Techrity is the first ICT4D (ICT for Development) startup in Tunisia. Owned by the organisation -I WATCH, I-Techrity will develop technology tools destined to solve issues related to development, integrity and the public sphere in general. The I-Techrity team commits to innovate in solving social problems and to support civil society in finding answers to social challenges.


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