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Emrane Klaii

Personal Details Emrane Klaaï is a naturally curious person, driven by a constant thirst for knowledge. Serious, meticulous, and punctual in his work, he tackles development challenges with unwavering...

Malek Haddar

Personal Details Malek is inherently inquisitive, born a nonconformist, and driven by curiosity. He inherits a touch of clumsiness but compensates with a passionate knack for programming. With a...

Manel Ben Achour

Personal Details Manel is a young Tunisian woman. She holds a Master’s Degree in computer sciences and decision making from the Higher Institute of Management of Tunis (ISG Tunis). Manel also...

Hijen EL Khalifi

Personal Details Hijen is a web developer a decent basketball player and a student for life , he believes that  the learning journey doesn’t end with college , it...

Mouadh Laabidi

Personal Details Mouadh is questioning by nature, nonconformist by birth, curious by instinct, clumsy by heritage… and programmer by passion! Mouadh has a strong growth mindset to set on...

Mouhamed Nacer Ben Khalifa

Personal Details Muhamed Naser is passionate about new technologies and the changes they bring to the world. He is a lover of all sports, particularly fitness, He is always...